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    I once was a serious cyclist, but am just getting back into it. I live on Whidbey Island in the state of Washington. The dampness and rain make it a bit of a challenge to ride as often as I would like, but I'm hoping to find the correct gear to make it happen! Dodging the plethora of deer here on the island will keep you on your toes too! They have no fear.

    We moved here almost 5 years ago from Arizona where the challenge was the heat; it's always something! But as much as I enjoy it, I intend to find a way!

    I have an old, but great, custom aluminum frame Gilmour road bike and a relatively new Trek touring bike. I had a Santa Cruz mountain bike but traded it in on the Trek because I found myself, much to my surprise, enjoying the road more.

    The hills here on the island offer a great workout, much different than where we lived in Arizona unless we intentionally headed into the mountains. No matter where I go from the house, it is serious uphill back home!

    I am not looking to race anymore, but look forward to riding frequently to stay in shape and eventually participating in some rides. I hope to learn from this forum and maybe start following the careers of some of the racers. Cycling is an exciting spectator sport and I am always amazed at how it just does not appeal here in the states as it so long has in Europe, one of the few things the Europeans seem to get right these days.

    Ride safely!


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    Welcome back to the world of cycling, John. Go get it!