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    I had a look on rear lights for use whilst touring (about 5 hour rides) and I had a look on some strobe lights too (not the xenon ones as I cannot find one of them for sale here or a shop that will ship one here in Greece). Apparently after reading a few reviews and forums I think that these 1 watt led lights are the way to go. The ones I checked have formed optics too. I didnt find any info on reflectors on these. No info on candella or lumens or lux performance either. I was thinking on getting one of these two:

    1. The Smart Lunar R1

    Seems very bright but I read a lot of reviews on how this light is not waterproof enough resulting it to malfunction. About 6 euro cheaper then the blackburn mars 4.0

    2. The Blackburn Mars 4.0

    Seems very bright as well, with amber side leds. The flashing mode seems to be a bit strobe-ish too/img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif. It seems well built too.

    Just wanted to ask, do you think that these lights are adequate for use on high-speed roads (90km/h limit) outside the city? Do you think I should look further on the optics construction? (how wide is the beam etc.) My aim from the rear light is just to be seen from the cars behind.

    I am also thinking on getting a good front light too. My aim on this one is both to be seen and see a fair ammount of the road ahead. I would like to get a 15+meters of good illumination ahead. I dont want a 2-part unit (separate battery pack and light set) because I want to be able to remove the lights quickly from the bike and these systems seem to be very expensive and probably targeted towards racing use too. I also checked some HID systems but the only ones I saw where separate battery-light units. So I was thinking to get a led system. I was thinking on one of these lights:

    1. Cateye el-530

    Seems very well constructed but looks a bit heavy and bulky. It seems to have a low battery consumption. It also seems to be waterproof enough. On the other side the beam seems to be wide so I was worried that it might not be visible from far away. No flashing mode either frown.gif

    2. Cateye el-520

    Seems again well constructed but not waterproof. No flashing mode again. It also seem to have a more concentrated beam but less candlepower then the cateye el-530.

    3. Cateye el-320

    Seems well constructed again but not waterproof. Even less candlepower then the previous ones. Wide beam but with a flashing mode.

    Do you think that a flashing mode is essential in order to be seen? Do you think that a concentrated beam is prefered then a wider beam for road use?

    Thanks /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

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    at 90km/h or about 55 m/hr i'd go for as big a flasher at the rear as I can fit to the bike. If in doubt fit 2. Lights at the front for potholes etc