Front Brake Adjustment Advice Needed


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May 3, 2015
I just did a chain lube which to my shame is only the third chain lube I have done this season. To get the bike on my work stand required taking the front tire off. This is a brand new Schwalbe tire and the tire sidewall is a little too wide for the brake calipers, even when they are released. (I guess my bike mechanic felt this is okay because he is the one who installed the tire.)

When I put the front tire back on the bike, I discovered that the left side caliper is pressed into the rim and prevents the front wheel from spinning easily. The front brake is a Shimano cantilever style brake.

How would I adjust the brake to give the brake pad some clearance from the rim, and so allow the tire to spin freely, yet still brake?

Thanks a ton

And after you adjust your brakes, please tell Bill Gates that his Windoz10 sucks as bad as 8 did. No wonder it's 'free'.
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Thank you, CampyBob.

I personally don't use Windows -- in any version. I have not used it for years. I recommend OS X or any flavor of Linux or *BSD.

Brake adjustment in progress. I think I have to adjust the spring tension. I might just bring the entire mess to my local bike shop.

Here is the solution:

Quite worried, I brought the bike to my bike shop. The guy there takes the wheel off the bike, puts it back on, and the brakes magically get in the correct position in relation to each side of the wheel. He does this in approximately 60 seconds, maybe 70 seconds.

P.S. Simple Green sure cuts grease. Another bit of CampyBob's advice that I decided to use yesterday -- buy Simple Green and toothbrush the chainrings with it. Thank you, sir.

One big mistake many newbs do is not making sure the wheel is seated properly in the dropouts. I like to put some pressure on the wheel while inserting it to make sure it is seated all the way. If not, it may look like the caliper is not centered. B)
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