Front light for road bike


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Jun 4, 2002
I'm doing most of my road training very early mornings now on weekdays, so for between 60 and 90 mins I'm in the dark. About 75% of the roads I ride are unlit, so I need a really bright light. There is a steep descent I ride which isnt much fun in the pitch black!

I have borrowed a SMART halogen light from a friend (its a small rechargeable all in one unit), which does OK when there are streetlights, but when I get to the unlit sections of road it really doesnt cut it, I can hardly see a thing. Therefore I need to buy something which is more suitable.

Maximum runtime only needs to be about 1.5hrs, so I'm looking for something thats really BRIGHT!

I've been considering getting a Vistalite Nightstick Code 5 (5watt), or Code 15(5W+10W). Mainly due to the size and mounting location for the battery - and I can also swap it over to use on my mtb for the 12 and 24 hour races later this year.

Can others suggest some suitable lighting systems, or offer advise on the Vistalite Code xx systems for use on unlit roads?