Front Shock Upgrades?


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Nov 30, 2002
I hope there is someone who can answer my question. I have Indy C Rock Shox (yes, I am cheap) on my mountain bike. The elastomers are worn out as one would expect on a '97 bike. Is there anyone who can help me get the stiffest elastomers possible for this fork (I hear they are now obsolete). OR is there anyway to upgrade this particular fork? Please help.
Have you tried it's been my experience that it's best to start at the source. They will be able to tell you what you need and if it exists anymore. If they tell you it does not, check<br /><br />good luck!
The website is actually pretty useless for inane info like that.<br />You'd be better off getting a new fork. RS judy Tt are pretty cheap ($200 in oz) so why not update??<br />You probably won't get retro parts for forks that old so you may just have to bite the bullet and splurge out! :p ;D
First - see if you can find parts for the model you have.

Second - You may want to upgrade, but try to spend a bit more. I have used cheaper RS models and so far all have been a little bad as far as like leaking air.