Front suspension got locked for Trek 4300 disc


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May 14, 2011
I am using Trek 4300 disc. I bought it only a few weeks ago. But unfortunately, for last two days, I found that the speed lock key of front suspension has not been working anymore. Whatever I do, the front suspension is in lock mode and it has not been released.

We have no trek customer support house in our country and now I am in real trouble.
Please any help from the experts.
We have no trek customer support house in our country and now I am in real trouble.
So did you buy it in another country (you don't say where you are from)? or did you buy a used bike?

Trek probably didn't make the fork anyway. No-one can repair a fork for you via a forum so the best thing to do is to at least take it to a shop (any shop will do) to either get the fork repaired or replaced.
I am from Bangladesh. I have been riding Trek 3900 disc for the last two years and I am doing all the maintenance tasks by getting help from internet. But this is the problem where so far I did not get enough solution to work on.
Trek 4300 disc. I bought it the brand new version and the suspension was working for the last 2 weeks.
Any help for my above query will be appreciable.
Well you can start with looking at the details for the SR Suntour XCM forks on their website. I have no idea what model you have but there are only two series (V1 from 2008 and V2 from 2010) with a few models in each, so you can check each to see if it matches. They might have some technical documents, and to be honest, they would be the best people to contact about how to take apart your lockout mechanism.

Was it purchased in another country?
Is there ANY possibility that the fork's REMOTE lock-out lever is in the "lock" position ... and, thereby precluding the lock-out on the fork from releasing?