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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by jawnn, Feb 17, 2004.

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    Nov 17, 2003
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    I found a couple fasinating front wheel drive recumbent trkes, but the computer shut down before I could save info.

    now impossable to find agian.

    found utility trikes of same, but too large they be!!!

    and why cant these people put vidios on thier sites?


    On Feb 17, 2004, at 12:39 PM, John Lindsy wrote:

    > Long verses short delta trikes

    The popular delta trikes are like the Sun EZ, Hase, Lightfoot and
    Penninger (probably in this order).
    SWB like the Stites and JTB Raven are low production thus far. I've
    never seen or ridden either. I did ride the original Raven several
    years ago.

    The Raven's drivetrain should work fine. More of a concern, based on my
    past experiences with lean/steer type deltas is high speed stability
    and steerability.
    By this I mean that this type of steering needs more stability at speed
    and an increased ability to turn sharp at low speed. Another trike
    built years ago in BC Canada, had rear wheel steering and FWD. It had a
    variable/adjustable steering linkage depending on whether you needed
    better high speed or low speed steering ability.

    The son of the JTB's owner lives in PT, Jon Meullner of Winds Eye
    Design. Sometimes JTB comes down for the Seattle Bike Expo coming in
    March. You might be able to see it at the show.

    > could you please expond the problematical details of
    > the long drive chains used by most recumbents,

    The main problem is getting a long chain. These days most are spliced
    together using quick links. Sometimes mfrs buy chains by the roll,
    which is a better idea. Long chains wear better and don't have as much
    trouble with deflection angle that plagues 9/27 speed drivetrains.
    They take longer to clean and cost more to replace. More of a concern
    is the quality of the idler system. We call this chain management. Some
    are horrible, and some work great and are nearly silent. I think some
    2-chain systems are problematic. I'd prefer 1 chain unless I'm getting
    something for the added complexity and weight of the two chain system,
    such as a wider gear range (Lightfoot does this). Some are unnecessary,
    especially on commuter type recumbents (what we call compacts or
    compact long wheelbase).

    > and
    > explicate the front wheel drives of the too few delta
    > trikes that use them, with elucation of the

    I don't know of any volume production models that have FWD.
    The new Stites Design trike has FWD (upcoming RCN 082), but it hasn't
    really been in production yet.

    Often you don't find new and unusual drivetrains on recumbents because
    it could be considered too much new technology. Most builders want to
    make as few explanations as possible. For the Stites and JTB, FWD makes

    Bob Bryant

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