Front wheel: true or rebuild?

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H. Guy

a few months ago, i toasted my front wheel. for the last couple of months, i haven't been in a
position to have a close look at it, but last week i put it in the truing stand and found it had a
*very* bad s-curve over a small area (about 1/4 of the circumference, about an inch of total
side-to-side wiggle).

a little work trued it up with no problems, but i'm wondering if that's a wise thing. truing it
required loosening spokes on the already loose side, as the rim had been permanently deformed. am i
just asking for another three months with my upper body immobilized by doing this?

question #2: if i rebuild, i'm planning to re-use spokes (old rim was a moskva, new would be cxp-33.
close enough). how bout nipples? is this another Bad Thing?

tia for any help, and merry christmas and/or season's greetings, whichever may be appropriate.

Not open for further replies.