front wheelie, and balance in general

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    I am experimenting with the front wheelie as well as developing overall balance while riding. Does anybody have any tips either for balance or the wheelie? I watch some guys maneuver their bikes like they are ballet shoes or something, like they are a part of them, and I would love to develop this much connectedness with my bike.

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    Practice This

    How To Lift The Front Wheel Off The Ground
    • Start in the Neutral Position.
    • Crouch forward and down, with your power pedal at 2 o’clock and your but on the saddle.
    • Explosively push your torso upward and backward, your arms straight pull on the bars. At the same time give a powerful pedal stroke
    • Keep you’re your arms straight and your weight back, keep pedaling.

    Keys To Keeping The Wheel in The Air
    • Find your balance point, it should feel weightless pedal ez, if you start to fall forward pedal harder, if you start to fall back brake just a little.
    • Choose the right gear, Low gears get a good pop but little loft, a big gear less pop but a really good loft, play with different gears to find what works for you.
    • Pedal all the way up, from a steady pedal give it more juice and pull the wheel right on up. When you have the hang of this then you can try from a coast and jam on the pedals watch out this approach the wheel will come up fast.
    • Don’t stop pedaling.
    • Light brakes be light on the brakes or even just drag the rear just a bit while you pedal.
    • Stay Loose