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  1. Fruit-veggie combo helps prevent heart disease

    The Times of India
    Friday, July 18, 2003

    Washington - A combination of fruits and vegetables may
    help reduce cardio-vascular problems, a study published
    in the issue of Free Radical Research has found.

    Researchers attached with the Technion-Israel Institute
    of Technology, ranked among the world's leading science
    and technology universities, have discovered that
    combining certain fruits and vegetables such as onions
    and tomatoes, herbs like garlic, licorice and rosemary or
    fruits like grapes and pomegranates can increase
    preventive properties against the disease.

    They stressed on the combination because each fruit or
    vegetable contains a variety of antioxidants that work
    synergistically. Dietary antioxidants are natural
    compounds that slow down the chemical process called
    oxidation, which causes cholesterol deposition and
    narrowing of the arteries, reports Newswise.

    "Whole fruits and vegetables contain a wide range of
    natural antioxidants. In supplement form, however,
    antioxidants provide only limited benefits since they
    usually contain only one specific, isolated antioxidant,"
    said Professor Michael Aviram, head of the institute's
    lipid research laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine.

    The Technion researchers also found that ingesting
    combinations of certain antioxidants yielded better
    results than when ingested separately.

    "When Vitamin E is combined with other antioxidants (beta
    carotene, lycopene and some flavonoids) found in
    tomatoes, the benefits are far greater than those of
    Vitamin E taken alone, because there is a synergistic,
    co-operative interaction between certain antioxidants,"
    says the researcher.

    The institute also has a presence in the United States
    under the aegis of the New York-based American Technion
    Society. This society provides critical support to the
    institute through a national organization of 19 offices
    and 20,000 members.

    The ATS has a record achievement of having raised over
    940 million dollars since it's founding in 1940.

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