FS: 19" Redline Flight Monocog MTB

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Philip W. Moore, Jr.

Offered for sale is one 2005 Redline Flight Monocog singlspeed MTB in nearly
brand new condition. I bought the bike back in June, but really don't like
MTB riding enough to have a purist's steed. There are very few trail
induced blemished on the bike, and absolutely no dents or dings. I only
rode the bike four times. The tires still look new and have the stubbles on
them. Here's a manufacturer's photo of the bike:
http://universitycyclery.com/images/bike images/redline05flightmonocoglarge.jpg.
Here's a list of the specs: Redline U6 Aluminum MTB frame w/disc tabs ::
Redline U6 Aluminum fork w/disc tabs :: Redline 4-arm alloy ISIS crankset ::
Avid Single Digit 5 brakes & Speed Dial 5 levers :: Redline sealed bearing
disc hubs :: Ritchey Girder XC Comp rims :: Ritchey Scuzzy Logic headset.

Asking $350.00 shipped to you in the ConUSA. Actual pictures of the bike
are available upon request.


Philip W. Moore, Jr.
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