FS: 1967 Robin Hood Womens' bike

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.marketplace' started by John Verheul, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. John Verheul

    John Verheul Guest

    My mom has a 1967 Robin Hood (Raleigh) 3 speed women's bike. Sturmey Archer
    hub, women's frame style, caliper brakes, nice fenders, classic euro
    commuter bike. I don't think it has much use, as my mom never rode much, but
    it's certainly not in mint or excellent condition - it's followed her
    through several moves, and been sitting in basements for years. My brother
    might have ridden it a bit when we were teenagers too, I can't remember.
    Will need at least new tires, probably cables, maybe brake pads. Color is
    black, size is probably a 19" or so (roughly medium/average sized for this
    style bike).

    Bike is in ME and I'm in NM, but I can get detailed questions answered
    (through me), and probably some pics in a few days. Keep in mind my mom is
    not a bike mechanic, and she's 71. Packing/shipping will have to be done by
    her local shop, no idea what they charge (although she's checking on that).

    So if anyone is interested in this vintage classic, please email me. I'd
    prefer to sell it here, but if no one's interested - ebay it goes.