FS: 1993 55cm Bridgestone XO-1

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David Bollert

1993 55cm Bridgestone XO-1 in really solid shape. This is the orange classic with cantilever brakes
(the 92 model came with side-pulls), allowing you more freedom with respect to fenders and wider
tires. You can see pics and check out specs on my ebay auction...just type "Bridgestone XO-1" and it
will pop right up. My reserve for this bike is $900, and I have offered an assortment of other goods
in the package at varying price levels: 18" 1989 MB-1, New Silver Chris King Hubs and headset for
the XO-1, Tubus "Cargo Rack," and more. Again, you can see the details on ebay. If you would just
like to go with the XO-1 and MB-1, and you're willing to use some type of authorized third party for
the transaction (ebay, paypal, etc.), I'll sell both for $1150. If you want the really nice brooks
hunter green saddle to go with the XO-1 (it looks great), the total cost with be $1200. Cheers.
Not open for further replies.