FS:2000 55 cm Lemond Zurich 853 Frameset + parts $250

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.marketplace' started by RobInfo, Jul 27, 2004.

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    Frame is blue with white panels, matching lemond carbon fork, clamp-on
    front derailleur hanger thingy, american classic seatpost and a brand
    new tange techno-glide sealed angular-contact roller-bearing headset.
    The frame is in very good condition, reynolds 853 steel, I probably
    put about 1000 miles on it, it has that great steel ride. See
    http://www.lemondbikes.com/2004_bikes/victoire_classic.shtml# for
    geometry. Some wear marks from cable rub on the head tube, and the
    paint has chipped off the brake mount faces (you can't see it when the
    brakes are mounted). Also there is some paint scraped off at the edge
    of the bottom bracket shell from the cursed campy athena bottom
    bracket tool sliping off (argh!). Seatpost is ok. Note that the
    headset is not installed, the headset that is on the bike is so beat
    I'm embarassed, I think it was installed wrong (not by me). Price is
    $250 + shipping. Email me for pics.