FS: 27" Schwinn road frame

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Bob Flemming

I've put 'FS' in the subject but I'm not really sure how much this is worth.

Having accumulated 3 bikes now, very reluctantly, due to storage problems, I will have to let one of
them go, and the least ridden is the bike I bought back from the US last year. So, putting aside
sentimental attachment and all that stuff, I really cannot justify keeping this old 1970's <late
1970's I think?> Schwinn road bike. It's a 27" frame <middle of bb to top of seat post>, at the
moment has the old 27" <not steel> wheels on, but I'm not sure what else will be left on it but the
time I'm finished raiding it for bits. So it's maybe best to think of 'frame only'. It has mudguard
clearance. I don't think it's 531 tubing, but It feels reasonably light to me.

I probably come in at 6ft 2in, but this frame just feels a tad TOO BIG for me!!!

So, if anybody is interested then let me know:

[email protected]

Not open for further replies.