FS: 58cm Trek 2100 Carbon complete!


Paul Beaton

Hi all, for sale is a complete Trek 2100 carbon fiber bike, size 58 cm. I'm
not sure of the exact year, but it is from the late 90s. Here are the specs:

Brakesets & Levers/Shifters = Shimano RSX (STI setup)
Derailleurs, hubs, cranks, cassette, rings = Shimano 105
Double on front, 7 speed rear Pedals are Look, carbon
composite, not sure of exact model. Inside front of right
platform has a chip out. Includes cleats if you need them.
Saddle = Specialized Body Geometry Comp Wheels = Mavic
Reflex 6106 700c clinchers, not sure of spokes Tires = Conti
Super Sport 700 x 25 Shoes = Shimano carbon frame, size 42,
if you want with bike, add $25

Pictures: I have access to a digital camera, so just ask and
I'll be happy to email!

Condition is overall very good. There are a few chips on
rear triangle's paint, and the pedal chip mentioned above.
Otherwise is in absolutely beautiful shape. Raced one time
in a sprint triathlon. All other riding was pleasure.

Asking $400. Shipping: we should talk. We'll be moving in
about 6 weeks. Going from OH through MD to NC. So if you're
somewhere in the vicinity of the route, I'm sure we can
arrange something to avoid having to ship.

Reason for Selling: The wife and I are both just riding
touring bikes, so we are both selling the sport/racing
models (see Cannondale in another post). She already has her
touring setup, I'm still looking. So if you have a 62 - 64
cm touring setup your looking to trade, I could be

Thanks for your interest!
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