FS: Campy Centaur 10v/9v Rear Derailleur

This was originally a Centaur 9v derailleur (and has that designation
on the side), but I swapped the pulleys for 10v (the ONLY difference
between the two). You will get the derailleur with 10v pulleys and the
9v pulleys in a bag. Instruction booklet included. Works perfectly,
dead straight, however some small scratching around the limit
adjustment screws.

$55 shipped in the ConUSA

As I am leaving town on Sunday, 12-19 for 12 days, Paypal DIRECT DRAFT
(not credit card) is preferred method of payment.

Please reply off list as I don't check too often.

I've sold plenty here before and have perfect ebay feedback (ebay id
upon request)

Ben Brewer
[email protected]