FS: Campy SR and NR Parts

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  1. Frankie

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    SR cranks, 180mm, 42x52, $80.
    SR rder, $75.
    SR fder(brz-on)$35.
    SR/NR calipers(shoet reach recessed)$75.
    SR seat post(27.2)$45.
    SR BB, ti, english, $50.
    Cabolto calipers(no pads)$75.
    SR/NR shifters(brz-on)$15.
    NR rder, $50.
    NR fder(clamp-on)$35.
    NR headset, english,$25.
    Misc chainrings, 41,42,52,53,54,$15-$25.
    All parts are in great shape, i also have old 'C' record, Croce D, Chorus
    and Athina all mid to late 80's vintage, e-mail me and let me know what your
    looking for. Thanks, Frankie.