FS: Cane creek brake calipers

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    These are a set of cane creek brake calipers that were taken
    off my racing bike after less then a season of use. The bike
    was sold previously to help fund an archeology trip and
    these were saved in the hope that they would go on a new
    race bike. The new bike I bought turned out to be a custom
    cyclocross frame and these have been kicking around work
    ever since. Now they need to go to help fund this summers
    trip. These have about 500 miles total on them, the front
    pads are origional, the rear pads were replaced with ultegra
    to elimante a squeal problem that they had with the back
    rim. There are small markings on them from being in the
    parts box but nothing drastic or ugly. These are the silver
    calipers and not the black ones. Price is
    120.00 which will include shipping within the US, shipping
    outside the US will be an extra 5.00, insurance is
    extra. I will also take reasonable offers but this price
    is an easy 20.00 below wholesale and is a good value for
    a low mileage item.