FS: Child and Cargo Trailers (Brand new)

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Mike, Jul 10, 2003.

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  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Quik Pak Large: http://www.quik-pak.com/Quik-Pak%20bicycle%20trailer.html Was $345, new price $240
    plus $20 for shipping

    I have for sale 2 brand new child trailers in the box.

    Leggero Cuatro Child Carrier http://www.leggero.com

    LEGGERO is part of the Company Brueggli in the Swiss town of Romanshorn near Lake Constance. LEGGERO
    is the biggest and most famous manufacturer of bicycle trailers in Europe. They have an expertise of
    13 years, and trailers are their speciality. The Trans Baykal Bike Expedition will carry out an
    endurance test in Siberia with the brand-new trailer models. Cuatro is a new generation of children
    and goods transportation systems for the bicycle or on foot.

    I will sell for 50% off the $800 list or $400.

    In Step Child Carrier http://www.instep.net/pages/product_display.php?manuf=1&prod_number=AL575 I am
    not positive if it has the stroller option. $125 plus shipping

  2. A&B

    A&B Guest

    Mike, Please post Child sales to EBay. BTW, how much for the trailer without the kid ;-) bg
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