FS: Dura Ace 7410 Crankset and BB

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  1. Ben Brewer

    Ben Brewer Guest

    Shimano Dura Ace 7410, "low profile" crankset, length 172.5. I bought this particular pair as "new
    old stock" about 2 years ago.

    Comes with:

    1. Ultegra 39t 9-speed chainring

    2. Shimano Dura Ace 7410 53t outer ring. A fair amount of use, but still plenty left (these are
    thick and last forever). This ring is the original for the crankset. Pinned and ramped for
    shifting ease.

    3. Shimano Dura Ace 7700 52t outer ring. Bought this when I wanted a slightly smaller gear range.
    This is pinned and ramped as well, and is designed to match up with a 39t inner ring (for true
    Dura Ace buffs, there were actually two outer ring designations: A and B. One was for a 42t
    inner ring, the other for a 39t). Again, plenty of life left.

    3b. [Original alloy chainring bolts]

    4. Original Titanium bolts with integrated dustcaps. Light and beautiful! Many folks selling these
    cranksets don't have the bolts, which were an integral part of the crankset's style.

    5. An old 7410 bottom bracket, English threading. Used for a number of years, and therefore
    cosmetically not tops...but the shell will be inside the frame, and the spindle still turns
    smooth. No mileage estimation...but these seem to go forever.

    The arms themselves are in very good shape. There is one scratch on the drive side, probably from my
    shoe rubbing the arm about 3 inches from the pedal. The Dura Ace logos are completely intact.

    Pictures available on request.

    Not many of these cranks still floating around out there in this condition. In my opinion, these are
    the most beautiful cranks Shimano ever made. As mentioned, I used these with both a Dura Ace 7700
    setup as well as with a Campy 10 setup. I finally made the jump to a compact crankset, however, so I
    need to part with this beloved set!

    Price: $90 plus shipping.

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    Ben Brewer

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