FS/FA 59CM Litespeed Vortex, 9sp DA, OUzo, TIME RXS

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    For sale/auction is my much loved and soon to be missed '99 Litespeed
    Vortex with 9speed Dura-Ace components. I love the bike, but within the
    past year have gotten married and just don't ride anymore. My loss is
    your score!!!! This is an EXTREMLY comfortable bike to ride and race.
    The geometry is VERy stable at high speed and EXTREMELY comfy on long
    rides (100mile+). The frame gives where it needs to but is AS stiff as
    my old Cannondale when sprinting or climbing out of the saddle. The
    frame is a rare find too in that it has a race number tag welded to the
    top tube. It was added at the Litespeed factory at production as a
    custom bit. Kinda cool if you ask me. Okay, now happy bidding.

    59cm Litespeed Vortex '99
    1" Chris King no-Thread set (no proprietary BS)
    Reynolds OUZO Pro Fork Carbon Steerer
    Time Carbon Ti, RXS pedals (not shown but i bought them this summer,
    rode them one time, and havent ridden the bike since).....a 250 dollar
    set of pedals& cleats, yours!!!
    DA 9sp STI Cables replaced 8 months ago.
    DA 7700 Brakes, new brake pads
    DA 7700 Hubs
    Salsa Flip Offs Skewers
    DA 7700 F/R Derailleur
    DA 7700 Crank, 172.5mm/53t/39t
    DA 7700 Cassette 12-25, new spring of 2005
    Ritchey WCS Seatpost
    San Marco ASP ide Saddle
    ICON 110mm Stem
    ICON 42 ergo Bars
    Mavic Open Pro Rims, double butted spokes F/R 32/32

    Vittoria Rubino Pro Tires(~500 miles on them) but they havent been
    ridden much so they prob need to be replaced in the springtime.

    Below are pics taken this summer, this bike is the same, minus the
    pedals (read above, TIME RXS!!) and the HRM (I'm keeping that)