FS: Giordana Cold, Cold weather tights, Size 3

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    Giordana Cold, Cold weather tights
    Size: 3 (medium)
    Style: Bibs
    Material: We called it "thermax" when it was new
    price: $45, including shipping

    These are heavy duty winter tights. The material is black and smooth
    on the outside and it's laminated to some heavy, stretchy material that
    should trap heat on the inside. eight-panel construction, foot
    stirrups (because the material isn't as stretchy as shorts), a zipper
    at the bottom of the bib to make getting on and off easier.

    I've used these on occasion for a long time. With the exception of a
    little stitching unraveling on one of the stirrups, the shorts are in
    very good condition.

    contact mugwumpatpanixdotcom for more info