FS: HP Velotechnik Street Machine GT

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For Sale: HP Velotechnik Street Machine GT

The Street Machine is the ultimate touring recumbent, capable of touring round-the-world. It comes
equipped with a terrific DNM rear suspension and a sweet MEKS carbon fiber front suspension. The HP
Velotechnik "No Squat" system works as promised - you'll experience no pogo on this bike! The USS
steering with Shimano Barcons is an excellent design that works well and is very comfortable.

My Street Machine is painted in a beautiful gloss orange, and the quality of the welds and paint job
are the finest I've seen on any recumbent bicycle. The rims are rugged Schurmann Double Masters shod
with Schwalbe Marathons with reflective sidewalls.

Pix at http://www.qsl.net/wd1v/hpvelo.html

The HP Velo home page in English is at http://www.hpvelotechnik.com/produkte/sm/gt/index_e.html.

The optional MEKS Carbon AC fork, rugged rear rack, and Airflow seat cushion are all included with
the Street Machine. As equipped, this bike would cost over $2000 brand new. I'm asking $1,500 plus
$100.00 for professional packaging & shipping via UPS insured to your door.

Send a note to [email protected] if you're interested, or for any questions. Thanks!

John Seney Manchester, NH
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