FS: Kestrel KM40 Ironman Edition + lots of extras (NJ area)

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Rolf Arands, May 12, 2003.

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    Hey folks,

    A few of you might remember me from long ago :)

    Serious inquiries only please...

    Reply to "[email protected]" -- formerly known as "Rolf 'Ironman' Arands" :)

    I have a complete Kestrel KM40 Airfoil Ironman Edition bicycle to sell. It was originally built by
    Nytro in CA. I am the second owner. The bike is in excellent condition. The frame is bright red.

    This particular frame came in two sizes. This is the larger of the two (56 or 57 cm, not sure
    offhand). It is the Kestrel frame that does NOT have a seat tube. It has the smaller wheels (650c).

    It has DuraAce parts on the drive train, WheelSmith DeepV rims (excellent condition), Ultegra
    brakes, RX100 brake levers, Syntace C2 clipons with stiffening bridge and AeroShift kit, XLab behind
    the saddle bottle carrier, and a men's anatomic saddle. It has the 9-speed cassette on the back.
    I'll leave the Look Carbon pedals on it, although they do have some cosmetic wear on them.

    Some extra stuff I'll throw in ... second pair of Sun wheels, whatever spare tires and tubes I have,
    original documentation from Kestrel and Nytro, and any other parts I find.

    This is a sweet tri-bike, set up for someone around 6 feet to 6 foot 2 inches. There are a *few*
    tiny little chips from typical use. The bike was babied by its first owner, and babied by me as
    well. It has never been crashed and is one hell of a climbing bike. I can provide more detail
    offline if needed.

    I'd very much prefer an in-person sale. I live in the central NJ area

    For an in-person sale, I'd like to get around $1800 for it, and will take the best offer. My cost
    for the bike, WheelSmith wheels, Syntace parts and component upgrades was about $3700 in 1999.

    If you want me to ship it, I will split shipping costs 50/50, which means the take home price is
    about $1850. We'll work out the details of the transfer.

    For those of you that remember me, I still ride and run, but have more or less "retired" from
    triathlon. Too much of a good thing got the best of me.

    Reply to "[email protected]"...

    -Rolf Arands