FS: Mavic Helium clinchers

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    I've gone Campy, and acquired a couple of nice pairs of
    Campy wheels, so my beloved Heliums are redundant. They are
    among the liveliest wheels I've ever ridden, particularly in
    the clincher world.

    I've got lots of wheels, and these were used only for
    special events. Nice and straight. Clean, stickers 90%
    or better.

    $165 + $20

    Near-new Gommitalia 23c tires included for an additional
    $20, and I'll toss in tubes, of course. The handsome Mavic
    skewers are in place and included.


    Peter Denver

  2. Pbridge130

    Pbridge130 Guest

    Sold, and thank you to those who replied.