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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Vernon Levy, Jan 26, 2004.

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    Out of curiosity, I bought a copy off the Internet last week. Didn't find anything new in it and
    felt gratified that my current practices, honed by over 30 years worth of two wheeled road use, are
    largely in accord with the preaching of the tome. There are one or two small tweaks that I will be
    making in my road positining when dealing with some road junctions.

    The vociferous anti-car and anti-pedestrian lobbyists as well as the SMIDSY raconteurs would benefit
    from familiarising themself with chapter four and perhaps their intolerance might be ameliorated to
    some extent. It is an imperfect world out there and we have to make the best of a bad job and learn
    to co-exist with other road, cycletrack and other shared environments.

    It is a good book and worth the read for those who have had no formal training on road use and wish
    to pick up on how to anticipate and minimise situations that caould compromise your health and well
    being on the road.

    My copy is up for sale...£7 post paid mint condition

    email me at vernon (dot) levy (at) mad (dot) scientist (dot) com

    First to email me gets first refusal..

    Vernon in Leeds

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.