FS: new Turner frameset $100

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Chris Crawford

Hi - Last year, I made the mistake of buying a frameset (frame, seat, fork, HW) from Turner for
$700. The bike was a disaster and many things didn't work or fit in spite of my trying to
re-engineer the whole thing. He would not take the bike back, acknowledge the problems, or fix
anything. The story goes on and on but the result is that now I have a frameset which will not fit
me and has several problems that could be fixable. If this is a project that sounds like it might
interest you I can give you more specifics.

The frame, paint (yellow), and welds are fine frame is pretty stiff. Fiberglass shell seat/pad, 16"
fork (I ordered a 451 originally, may be able to put a 406 on - not sure). Finished bike will
weight about 28 lbs. 559/571 rear. Front and rear dual caliper brakes (also not what I wanted,
front dual caliper needs some HW adapting). This is a USS bike with tiller steering. Probably fits
someone 5'6" - 5"10 (I'm 5"11...another problem) but seat mount is problematic - needs some re-
engineering. Front Der. tube is angled such that it will probably only accept a double (also not
what I asked for).

As you can see, you'll need a creative mechanic to put everything together but the frame is solid.
Will consider equipment trades as well. My other bikes are 26/20. Feel like a cheap and challenging
project?? email me at [email protected]

Regards Chris
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