FS: NOS Square Taper BottomBrackets

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  1. All prices in US dollars, shipping extra, paypal accepted

    Real Crankcase
    - Brand new
    - spindle lengths of 103, 107, 113, 115mm, 117.5mm and
    122mm, english cups only
    - will work with either 68 or 73mm BB shells
    - Cartridge design (uses standard shimano cartridge BB tool)
    with sealed

    cartridge bearings
    - hollow CrMo spindles, Al cups, 220g to 245g weight
    (depends on length)

    - $30 each

    See pic at

    KMR Cycles Titanium
    - Brand New
    - hollow Ti 6/4 spindle BBs, in 103, 107, and 127.5mm sizes,
    68mm english or 70mm italian cups
    - complete weight with bearings and Ti bolts varies by
    spindle length from 170 to 190 grams
    - includes choice of Ti crank bolts between 14mm hex head
    with seperate Ti washers or 8mm allen head with
    intergrated Ti washers
    - Does not include cartridge bearings (uses size 6903-2RS,
    available at any good bearing supplier)
    - $30 each

    See pic at

    KMR Cycles Ti crank bolts
    - Brand New
    - For Square-taper spindles only
    - 15 grams per pair, saves approx 10-15 grams off OEM steel
    crank bolts
    - Available in 14mm hex head with seperate Ti washers or 8mm
    allen head with intergrated washers
    - $12 per pair

    (see above for pic of crank bolts)

    Suntour XC-Pro Greaseguard
    - As new condition, was installed once to check chainline
    then removed
    - one available in 73mm english x 119mm spindle only
    - CrMo spindle with grease injection ports, aluminium cups
    and lockrings

    - does not include crank bolts
    - 260 grams
    - $25

    See pic at