FS: One Cog, One Ring, One God fixed gear single speed track tee shirts

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  1. Peter Moore

    Peter Moore Guest

    I picked them up from the shop yesterday, and they look good. A blue that's got a bit of green, but
    is not quite teal, and a royal purple. $22 plus shipping; PayPal is fine. Image is on the front;
    printed on Hanes Beefy Tees in size M, L, and XL.

    Photographs available here:


    Thanks, Peter Moore

  2. golden

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    Mar 5, 2004
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    Love the Tee Shirt .. how can I buy one ??

    47 x 18 ???? thats, Hmmmm .. <tickticktick> .. a 70.5in gear - any reason for choosing that ?? (Thats a pretty small gear for the track !!)
    Now, having spent my formative years on 49-or-50 x 15 ...... <dreamily remembering the smell of a surgically clean chain and re-living the awe of holding a Campag crank for the first time>
    Sorry, drifted off to 1979 there .. can I buy one ??