FS: Operation for Cycling

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    HRS correspondents found Killer Bee team member Kevin riding her trike
    topless at South Beach in Miami, FL. Apparently Kevin lost his/her
    mind again after 1 week of walkbike camp and numerous games of jungle
    twister with Killer Bee private dick JimmyMac. The gallon size can of
    linseed oil ran out and those two kinda couldn't deal with the added

    Kevin commented at the St. Petes sex change clinic, <em>"I have always
    liked trikes which are much faster than my Bitch Shidda Ti-Slowgo Aero.
    Doing Jimmy got old but Satan Pimpo brought out the new JimmyMac dildo
    seat just in the nick of time. I liked it! There is nothing more
    pleasing than one of those linseed oil soaked Killer Bee dildos up the
    ass while sitting on my 60 lb. trike. It's the perfect way to keep me
    smiling all day long. With the sex change I can now compete against
    girls instead of men. I just can't wait for the Brevets to

    The staff at HRS is not surprised to see Kevin once again change
    personalities from a gorilla, to a dumpster tramp, to Tom Swift space
    cadet, and now a fat topless old lady on a trike. We can only pray that
    she will find peace and harmony in her new life as Kevin the SheBee
    brevet triker.