FS: Otis Guy mountain (touring) tandem

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  1. My wife and I have decided to sell our tandem. The steel frame was custom
    built for us by Otis Guy at his Fairfax, CA shop eight years ago. It is
    20.5" c-c for the captain, 19" c-c (effective) for the stoker. The rear is
    a "beam" design, which uses the Allsop Softride beam to locate the seat and
    provide suspension. D+D Cycles in San Lorenzo, CA did the Imron metallic
    blue paint job. Sunshine Bicycles (also in Fairfax, CA) did the assembly to
    our specs.

    We got it for a bicycle trip, and it is set up for touring. We carried
    100lbs of gear on a 500 mile trip when we first got it. Since the trip
    we've done maybe 20 local rides and a century. It's never been off-road.

    Some specs, more on request:

    XTR/XT drivetrain, 8spd
    Sugino cranks
    (no pedals)
    Magura hydraulic rim brakes
    Arai drum brake
    Sun rims, DT spokes, Hope hubs, Ritchey semi-slicks
    Gore Ride-On cables/housings
    46cm / 44cm drop bars
    Allsop suspension stem front, adjustable stoker stem rear
    Turbo / Lady Turbo leather saddles
    Medium-weight Allsop beam

    Some pics:


    Price is $1900. We paid $4600 new. I have the original receipts.

    We're selling it because:

    o It's a little cramped in the rear for my wife, in the current road
    configuration. (She's 5'9".)
    o She won't ride it off-road with me. :)
    o We'd really like a fast road tandem, and selling this would help us buy
    the road tandem.

    I'll throw in some never-used "big cookie" chainrings I meant to put on it,
    but didn't. Bike is in Oakland, CA.