FS: RaceFace Next LP Cranks w/ BB

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I have a pair of RaceFace crankarms that I bead blasted for looks and weight savings that aren't
compatable with the rings I want to use and since it's cheaper to sell these and buy a new set than
get rings that work I'm listing these. The cranks were bought almost brand new and I have only a few
rides on them. No one else will have cranks as cool as these and removing the paint dropped 8g for a
total arm weight of 410g. You can choose between a like new FSA Ultimax BB or a used Race Face
Signature XS BB or both for a little more money. $160 shipped for arms and BB. Either email or go to
the mtbr weightweenies forum and search for a post titled "my heavy light-bike" for pictures.
Not open for further replies.