FS Retro Single speed road bike $375.00

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    for sale, used 56cm Look Team Replica KG96 carbon,kevlar,ceramic road bike as a single speed grocery-
    getter. bike is complete with flite ti alps saddle, american classic post, dura ace cranks, ultraga
    8sp sti brake levers, ultraga BB, mavic threaded hubs to open4cd 32hole rims, conti gp 3000 tires,
    shimano single speed freewheel. Bike includes all other parts (deraulers (105)front and rear, chain,
    8spd freewheel, large chainring, chainring bolts, waterbottle cages, cables to turn back into 8sp
    road bike if you wish) special note: look frame has horizontal drop-outs and hub/axle adjusting
    screws to make single speed chain tansioning easy! will include time "racing" pedals for extra
    $25.00 and will include pack and ship to continental US (not canada) all for $375.00. have photos if
    you are interested....

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.