FS: Ritchey WCS OCR Wheelset

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    Ritchey Zero OCR WCS Pro Wheelset 275.00 + shipping

    Were used for one year (2003) for racing only

    The rims are round and true. The bearings are smooth. The braking
    surface shows little wear.

    Shimano 8/9/10 compatable.

    16 bladed radial spokes front, 20 bladed spokes rear 2X. Silver alloy
    nipples. Off center rear rim all but eliminates spoke dish to make a
    much stronger wheel.

    These wheels retail for about $500.00. Don't confuse them with cheaper
    ones you may have seen in mail order catalogs that do not have bladed
    Ritchey spokes.

    Here is a link to the Ritchey web page featuring these wheels where you
    download a PDF file with full specs. It will open in a new window so you
    won't lose your place. http://www.ritcheylogic.com/wheels.htm

    These wheels come with a Dura Ace 8spd cassette (12 - 21) and a set of
    kenda Koncept tires (700 * 23) that still have some miles left on them.