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    > Brian wrote:
    > Montague was invented in the early 80's, and Harry M. spent a lot of time attending
    > Washington-area public events wearing one of his folded creations like a backpack along with a
    > sign "seeking investors." Schwinn picked the line up sometime...um...early 90's? The two
    > marques parted ways perhaps about the time that the Chicago mfgr was being bought by a
    > Detroit-area investment group, filing Chapter 11, being bought out, etc. If it's red, it's the
    > same bike I have...but I want folding pedals and a case! (Bought mine from a boater who decided
    > it wasn't "her." It *is* me, and I paid $150 about 5 years ago.) HTH --Karen M.

    I bought one of these new from a local Schwinn shop in Denver in 1989. I was aware of the Montague
    line prior to that but this was (I think) the first year that Schwinn had ever carried them. Mine is
    black and very basic. I think I paid about $400 for it. It doesn't have folding pedals or anything
    else. It just folds in half. I looked into a case for it but decided that the cost was too
    prohibitive. I think Schwinn only carried them for a couple of years because they weren't very good
    sellers - at least that's what my shop tells me.

    I thought I'd use it for travel but paying $100 to $150 per trip for airfare was too expensive. I
    did use it a few times for business travel including a trip to an American Chemical Society
    meeting in
    D.C. in August - not an ideal place or time to ride a bike, especially if you're a Colorado boy that
    can't take humidity.

    The Montaque currently decorates the rafters in my garage because I'm too lazy to get it back in
    riding shape and I have too many other bikes to ride.

    Stuart Black
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.