FS: Spinergy Rev-X with new Tufo tires

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Philip W. Moore, Jr.

Up for sale are some newer model Spinery Rev-X tubular wheels with
brand-new, never ridden Tufo S-22 tires. I got the wheels with a bike I
recently bought off Ebay, then bought the Tufos. The wheels are in
excellent shape, are round, true, have excellent braking surfaces, and do
not show any signs of damage. Asking $350.00 for the wheels and tires
boxed, shipped and insured to you in the ConUSA. Photos of the wheels are
available on your request. Note: the wheels will come with two used Conti
Sprinter 250s, some new Tufo valve extenders and some Tufo sealant for a
negotiable amount extra.


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