FS: Supah Vee w/Rock Shox

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.marketplace archive' started by S R Sharp, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. S R Sharp

    S R Sharp Guest

    For Sale: medium Super V frame, details as follow:

    used 1999 front section, pivot, seatpost clamp, Fox
    Vanilla X, derailleur hanger, Coda rear wheel & disc
    brake. 4.5" travel.

    The following items are new:

    1999 swingarm w/disc and canti mounts Bontrager seatpost
    Cane Creek 1.5" --> 1.125" reducing headset (no adapters
    required) 2002 RS Psylo XC w/U-Turn & Tullio axle, black,
    uncut steerer, extra U-Turn knob 36h Funn 20mm front hub
    2002 Hayes mechanical caliper, 6" rotor, & adapter

    $550 shipped US, email direct

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