FS. Titanium Goods



White Brothers Titanium XC Riser Bar
Ti bar 22.2/25.4 compatible. Rise 1", Width 24', Sweep 5º. 302g. $39 and

Titec PG Ti Flat Bar Titec took the traditional XC width and sweep that so
many racers rely on, and mirrored the design in straight-gauge 3/2.5
titanium - with titanium's improved strength and near infinite fatigue life,
their PG Ti is a bar that'll be around long enough to will to your kids. 22"
wide. 3º sweep. 150g, $25 and shipping.

Custom Ti Bulge Center, 22" wide, 3º sweep flat bar, $15 and shipping

Custom Ti, 23" wide, 5º sweep, flat bar, unused, $15 and shipping.

Dean Titanium seat post, 27.2, excellent shape, 7.5" about insertion line,
no decals, features cold worked 3/2.5 seamless radial titanium, CNC machined
6061-T6 aluminum head, unique micro adjusting seat attachment, weight 208
gm., length 380 mm, sells for $99.95, asking $49 and shipping.

Titus Titanium RacerX frameset, size large, Fox Float rear suspension, $750
and shipping.