FS- TUfo Cyclocross Tubulars

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    I have the following Tufo Cyclocross Tubulars for sale. All brand new
    in packaging, 700c TUBULAR's. Leftovers from a sponsor I can't use

    LPS's. These are the super high end Low Pressure System Tyre, that
    goes down to like 28 psi. All have black sidewalls. The tyre for
    tough conditions, snow, mud etc. Again all brand new, here are the

    30mm wide 6 red, 6 yellow
    32mm wide 5 red, 5 yellow

    $55 per tyre

    Prestige's- Tougher tyre great for rocky conditions. Not as low a
    pressure as the LPS but a stronger sidewall for rooty rocky courses.
    All have yellow sidewall. All are tubular 700c.

    30mm wide 4 red
    32mm wide 5 red

    $45 per tyre.

    4 or more equals free shipping in the CONUS. Otherwise it's priority
    mail at like 4$ for 2 tyres shipped. I accept PAYPAL. you can e mail
    me for more info here with bikguy11968 at yahoo dot com . First come
    first served. stock up now, nationals is coming.