FS: Used Rhode gear flat bar mirror and other items


Brett Thompson

Pic of all items available on request.


Rhode gear bar end mirror. Took off a bike I bought. $5 + $4 shipping.

Time atac composite pedals. Had some issues with lateral play (see below) so
switched to Egg beaters.
Love them, so these are no longer needed. Two - three years old, but ride
mainly road so it's not all the time I ride
these. Lots of life left in them. Changed the bearings a while back but one
is rough again already and the drive side pedal has lateral play in it that
I can't get rid of. Even ordered $6 worth of parts from Time (also included)
but that didn't correct it. Tired of messing with it so I just bought some
egg beaters. $10 + $10 shipping

Oakley Dark Strike style lens. One decent size scratch on back side of left
eye side of lens. Couple small scratches. Top of lens were it is inserted
into frame is all scratched up. Not my style lens. $10 + $4 shipping.

Oakley nosepiece. $1 + $1 shipping or free with purchase of either lens

Carnac Spdr pedal inserts. One mounting plate stripped. Good for spare parts
$3 + $3 shipping.

Axo Summit 42 (8.5 US) mtn bike shoes. Comfy, just switched to egg beaters
and new shoes. $10 + $10 shipping.

Minoura trainer remote. This came off my hyper rim model. Not sure if it
fits other models. Little tang that holds selector in place broke. I rigged
it up with some toothpicks to hold in one particular gear. Replaced with new
unit. $9 + $7 shipping.


Oakley Blue Iridium Sweep style lens with new bag and new nosepiece. Extra
that I never used. $45 + $5 shipping

Fox HP shock pump Still in package. Up to 300 psi $22 + $6 shipping.

Hutchinson Alligator gold mtn bike tire 26 x 2.0. Kevlar beads, black /
yellow. NOT a UST tire. $14 + $8 shipping.

Performance Athena glasses replacement lens 2 sets (4 lenses each) of clear
and orange. Carrying case. Some dark lenses with scratches, gnarly ear
pieces that have been chewed on. :p $15 + $6 shipping.

Giant mtn bike tube 26 x 1.0 - 1.5 presta valve $1 + $2 shipping

U bike lock holders (2). These fit Lemond big diameter locks but others as
well with the included shim. $1 each + $2 shipping each.

Paypal accepted but NON CREDIT CARD only. Money order, personal check with
time to clear.

Discounted shipping for multiple items.