FS: VHS cycling videos (1986 Tour Lemond, 1992 Paris-Roubaix)

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Noel Llopis

I have the following VHS tapes for sale:

1986 Tour de France: Lemond and Hinault Challenge Viewed a few times. Slip case a bit worn on the
edges, but the tape is in perfect condition. Asking: $20 + shipping

1992 Paris-Roubaix: The Great Escape Viewed once. Everything in mint condition. More info:
http://www.worldcycling.com/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=PARV92 Asking: $9 + shipping

I take Paypal (not through a credit/debit card though), money orders and personal checks. Email me
if you're interested. Remove the obvious bits to reply.

Not open for further replies.