FS: Windcheetah Trike (not mine)

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Andy Welch

Just a heads up for anybody interested in a second hand Windcheetah. There is one going on ebay at
the moment:


Reserve price of £1750 is quite high. It's the same era but slightly older than mine (frame 202 vs
223). Mine also has the carbon fibre mudguards but if I were selling it I wouldn't expect to get
much more than £1300. Mind you this one has recently had a full factory service, new transmission
and comes with a spare seat and the new style steering yoke. So I guess it's a fair price.

If you are interested in bidding make sure you contact the seller first to check on the size. He
doesn't say what size it is in the advert and you can't adjust the boom on these (although there are
a few inches of adjustment possible in the seat position) so it needs to be the right size for you.


Not open for further replies.