FS XC Bikes... Lighter, faster?


New Member
Jan 9, 2003
Here's a new product that might interest all you FS XC racers. It's called a Shockbone. It replaces your rear shock which makes your bike lighter and more efficient... provides that extra edge and weight advantage. A whole lot cheaper than buying a hardtail for racedays! Surprisingly, a lot of guys are using it as a back-up plan for a blown shock for epic rides. Get all the details at www.piersonindustries.com<br />
It would be REALLY cheaper if you get a HT, be always ready for the race, and if you must have that cushy Cadillac Escalade feel under your tush, get a Rocks$%T suspension seatpost. If you want to go mountain biking or 4 wheelin', get a HT and a LandRover Defender; if you want to look like you're mtb'ng or 4 wheelin', get a FS and a Escalade.

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