FS: XTR parts


S R Sharp

Brand new:

FD-M952: top-swing, bottom pull, 31.8mm $35

(2x) RD-M951: GS cage, Rapid-Rise, integrated roller/cable guide
$80 each

M960 crank/BB in box: 30 XC miles, 175mm, 22/32/44t rings $255

Warhawk Industries chainring protector, fits M960 only $35

CS-M950: 30 miles, 12-32 (8-speed) $80

RD-M951 (see above): SGS cage installed. Mechanically perfect, some
scratches; I've been using this one since 1998, has about 1000 miles on
it. Also includes an extra M95x derailleur for parts (GS cage), which
may or may not work (I bought it used for the SGS cage plates) $75

8-speed XTR shift pods, about 1000 miles, positive indexing, no slop $125

All prices include ground shipping, US only.

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