Ft Der shifting problem on FS Klein Palomino Race

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Kendall Shapiro

I am working on a Klein Palomino Race FS MT bike. This model has the Maverick rear suspension.

The issue I am having is with the Ft Der. In the stand all works (of course always the case) but
when out of the stand, and under the weight of a rider, the Ft der will not drop into the small
chainring. Upon close inspection, when the suspension is loaded, the chain is dropping below the
shifting ramp on the outer plate of the Ft Der. thus not allowing the Ft Der to push the chain onto
the small chainring. The limit screws are properly adjusted as well as the cable tension.

The Ft Der cage is also aligned properly(parallel to the lg chainring) and the height is correct.
The position of the Ft der is fixed on this frame.

The shock is set for the correct rider weight.

Has anyone had similar problems or can offer any advice?
Not open for further replies.

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