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    This Christmas just gone, my Wife (s'pose she got fed up
    with me underfoot) bought me an electric assisted bike.
    Five pedal speeds, lights and direction indicators, rear view
    mirrors and it's even got a horn :) Made in China £500...
    Cycle hat £22 extra.

    I can heartily recommend these little machines to anyone..
    Last Saturday I rode a 25mile round trip - with the aid of
    light pedelling in around two and a half hours and still had
    enough battery left for maybe five mile.*
    Of course that is cycling in Fenland** and last Saturday there
    was only a very light breeze.

    Total cost of trip.....say depreciation + fuel ....... about £1.50 including
    the stop for a cup of tea and a bun. ;-)

    Life can keep going at 76 :)

    * Makers claim around 20 mile on full charge unaided.

    **Fenland. East Anglia, England:
    On or just below sea level with no hills or shelter to speak of
    but a headwind of 15mph+ is as good as a never ending hill!