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    So Tuesday evening I found out that there is a ride at Northmead Square Bennoni on Thursday. 3 distances, 10,26, and 50. I've done the 10 and 26 on previous occasions so I decide I'm going to either do a lesurley 50 or a TT 26 depending on how I feel on the morning.

    I phone the girlfriend and ask if I can sleep there on Wednesday night as she lives in Bennoni so I can get up that little bit later.

    Take my bike to work on Wednesday and go straight to the g/f house. It's her mom's birthday so we stay up a little later than I wanted to. Then when I get to bed I dont sleep (strange house, dogs barking, strange bed and the few sips of wine I had combined with a heavy meal). Get up bright and early on Thursday and go through to the start. When I get there I finaly make up my mind to do the 26 km.

    7:15 and we are off, I shoot forward and it seems that there are a few others that had the same idea to TT the race. Not having ridden since the Argus I sit behind these guys and just conserve myself. All is looking good, there are 5 of us, only 3 of us are looking strong. So I reckon I'll play it easy and just out sprint them to the finish line.

    And then all hell breaks loose. 22 minutes into the race (i dont know distance as my clock was not functioning) we just get to the top of a climb and are heading downhill. I move to the large chain ring and the chain slips off and get jammed. I unclip and try and free it with my foot. no luck. So I have to climb off. 2 other people pass me while I fix this. I jump back on the bike and give chase.

    I reach the half way mark and start the return trip. Now I have a steady rythm going, keeping the cadence high and my head down. Next thing 5 guys pass me and take a right. I'm thinking but there is no marshal here, but as the marchaling was not the best in this race I reckon these guys know the course. I follow, 500m down the road I catch them and ask wether they are part of the race, nope, they are just training. $%$###$#$#% under my breath, I turn around and head back. I sprint the last 5 - 8 km and finish what must have been in the top 15.

    Then the coughing starts. I could not stop it. and the taste of blood in my mouth. I've pushed myself too hard. Not even the Argus made me cough like this. man o man.

    Anyway, next time I'll do better.

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    Nice story Ouzo :D

    Aren't those registered in the race supposed to pin race numbers on their jersey/bike? This should have helped you determine if those guys were in the race or not.
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    This is a very small race with very few competitors. Allot of guys just ride the race without registering (fools) and then there are some that register and dont pin the numbers on.

    It was my stupid mistake, there is no one else to blame, although a sign saying race this way might have helped.
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    Had the same experience Ouzo. Have to say that it is a feeling no cyclists wants to have. I just wish the people would stay away from roads where races take place if they only want to train. I've even seen people riding races, using the waterpoints, etc, etc, while not registered.