Fun Ride



A buddy of mine is crazy. He wanted to do a fun ride over the long weekend, so what does he do, he cycles from Jo'burg to Richards Bay. +/- 700km. Left friday morning and arrived there on saturday. They then drove back monday.

But just thinking about it, it might be cool to do it.Taking your time and having a good time along the way.
I'd do that here if only our roads were safe and pollution was low. I'd have lung cancer by the end of the ride if I rode that long!
How bad is the polution altweg?

I thought australia created the most polution per person.....hrmmm...maybe we dont?

As far as I know, thats quiet a bad road (going either via Pongola or via Babanango).
Yep, most of the public utility vehicles (taxi cabs, jeepneys, tricyles, buses), and cargo trucks here are major smoke belchers. When they belch, they belch smoke so black, visibility becomes zero. Thank goodness for air-conditioning!
Yep, most of the public utility vehicles are diesels. Poorly maintained ones too. It really pisses me off to see a smoke belcher rev his engine with people standing by the road. :mad:
I agree with you about traffic pollution, it also annoys that so many cars have only one person in them, but it brings to mind the time I was cycling to work at 6.30 am in Dec (UK), it was so cold that when a lorry passed me the heat from his exhaust was so beautiful that I actually tried to keep up with the thing.

A mad thing to do ?

Yes, but you really had to feel how cold it was.

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