Function or fashion?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by WillemJM, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Sep 28, 2012
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    I have four bikes, all are old classics. I race mostly on a year 2000 Colnago C40 with Campy 10sp Super Record. If I buy a new 2013/2014 bike, will it be purely for fashion, or will it be a big improvement in other words for function?

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    Your motivation for purchase is what determines whether or not it is for fashion. A new bike might be a little lighter, but whether that works in your favor depends on the types of racing your doing, the types of terrain, and you. A new bike might be stiffer, but there is no clear evidence that stiffer frames improve performance. If you want a stiffer frame or feel your C40 isn't stiff enough, that might answer your question. I think, frankly, that a rider's thoughts on stiffness are a function of preference in feel. Certainly your 10spd Campy Record isn't holding you back. Without knowing anything about your racing, my inclination is to think that a new bike may not provide much improvement in your performance.
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    FWIW. It is MY (direct) impression that the C40 was tuned to ride like a steel frame ....

    Based solely on what I have read regarding stiffer-this-and-stiffer-that, it is my impression that in the past dozen+ years that most carbon fiber Road frames are now tuned to ride more like an aluminum framed bike ...

    As simplistic as THAT may be, if it is correct then will that stiffer frame be better for you & beneficial to your race results?

    If it is correct then I think the non-sponsored rider should suffer the 1+ lb. penalty & opt for an aluminum framed bike (I'm not convinced that EITHER the press fit BBs are truly beneficial OR the over-sized steerer is a requisite for a Road bike ... BUT, if you think that they may be then factor them into your decision) ...

    If you have money-to-burn and/or you want to make a fashion statement, then you may want to consider an aluminum frame + (this is the fashion part) EPS drivetrain, first ...

    If your race results benefit, then opt for that new (Colnago!?!) CF frameset.
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    Feb 12, 2011
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    The bike will do nothing for your power.

    If the new bike has better wheels or changes your position, you might lower your drag.

    Something like Di2 where there is less maintainance might be helpful.

    I am sure you can justify buying a new bike.

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    If you race over very hilly terrain, the lower weight will be a bonus.

    The 11-speed Campy will give you another useable gear. That helps me out and will likely be a benefit to you.

    A stiffer front end will probably net you better handling. You may find that the newer, tapered steerer/head tube descends faster with more stability...geometry still factors in greatly here though. A thorough test ride is always the deciding measure.

    A new carbon bike isn't going to turn you into Jens Voigt, but it may make you 'feel' like him! So, you'll get some amount of function and definitely a huge boost in fashion.

    Life is short...ride a beautiful, fast machine!